Friday, July 24, 2015

Another commercial I despise

I'm sorry for starting my blog with two commercial posts.  I've been lazy about posting a second time, but just saw a Honda commercial for about the 25th time and I cannot stand it anymore, which prompted me to come online and bitch.  

I thought this commercial was odd the first time I saw it.  The next few times, I studied it a bit more closely, unconsciously (and unfortunately) ending up memorizing it.  I started to dislike it more and more each time it came on.  Now, as soon as I hear the first few "piano" notes, I immediately change the channel because it bugs the shit out of me at this point.  It is so effing stupid, it's almost insulting to ones intelligence to watch it.  This thing is not only completely unrealistic while attempting to be relatively authentic, it is just a dumb premise to begin with.  For one thing, those kids would most likely have never heard the song before as it wasn't even that big when it was at its most popular many years ago, before most of the kids were born.  The loving glances between mom and dad as they sing a few particular song lyrics make me want to puke.  And like grandpa would know the lyrics either.  C'mon.  What younger family in 2015 are going to sing this song on a road trip?   Most importantly: What about this commercial in any way sells this automobile?

I am seeing more and more absolute crap commercials and wondering where all the creative and clever marketing agencies are.  Once in a while I see a commercial that I find truly excellent.  Most of them fall in between terrible and good.  This one just sucks.

Honda Pilot Commercial 

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